Ostomy Care

Mini ostomy bag

NO.: 4013


Product No Size Product Feature pcs/box boxes/case
4013 50mm    1. Hydrocolloid basic plate has strong viscosity, soft, friendly
       and hypoallergenic to the skin.
   2. Double-side non wove fabric lining is soft and opaque.
   3. It is in miniature size, and easy to use.
   4. Designed for one time use.Simply discard once full.
20 pcs/box   20 boxes/case


  1. Clear the skin around the stoma with tepid water or saline.



  7. Let some air into the bag in case of layers of the ostomy
      bag sticking together. Put the skin barrier on the stoma
      area and press it from bottow up to make it completely
      conglutinate with the skin.


   2. Cut the hole on the skin barrier according to the stoma size
       and shape.


  8. Open the end of the ostomy bag and make the
       excrement out into the toilet. Clean and dry the bag for 
       next use.


  3. Put the gauza on the stoma to prevent the exudates from
      outflow during sticking of skin barrier.




  1. It is used for patients with stoma problem.

  2. Skin barrier can be used for 5 to 7 days usually, 
      adhesive ability will be affected by continuous use.

  3. If the bag is full of air, a small hole can be made on the 
      bag and it is suggested to use Innomed carbon active
  4.Ostomy bag can not be recycled.



  5. Ostomy bag can not be threw directly into toilet or cloaca, 
       and should not be discarded at will. Please pay attention 
       to the environment protection.



  6. Patients allergenic to adhesive should use it with   

  4. Open the clamp.


  5. Close the ostomy bag with the clamp.


  6. Peel off the release paper.