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Milestone breakthrough: Wu's company acquires Taiwan Bio-med

In June, Wu’s Corporate and Bio-medical Carbon Technology, hereinafter called BCT, carried out a significant strategic integration of the industry and industrial chain. After friendly communication, the two sides agreed to sign a strategic acquisition agreement. Wu's corporate has begun the first step in cross-border acquisitions and global strategies, which means that the mainland and Taiwan enterprises work together to achieve a win-win situation.


Since the first half of this year, the strategy development team of Wu's corporate visited Taiwan's BCT for many times. Based on a comprehensive study of the company, the team analyzed and studied of the feasibility of the joint operation of both to develop domestic and international markets with advantage of both sides. The acquisition plan is conducive to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of both sides, market development capabilities, resource control and other capacity. Besides increasing profit, the joint cooperation enhances anti-risk ability and sustainable development capacity. Through this large-scale company acquisition, Wu's corporate promotes the industry consolidation and transformation, expanding its own industry chain, bringing new chance of growth. Moreover, it brings more opportunity to the development of the corporate’s future business.


Founded in 2000, the BCT mainly researches and produces silver-containing activated carbon fiber wound dressings. Its products cover wound care, medical beauty, health care and other major categories. BCT is equipped with a professional team, creating a trustworthy wound care products with combination of knowledge and innovation. It is highly specialized in the treatment of multiple types of acute and chronic wounds.


In the high-end wound dressing research and development, the BCT achieves good market result in product series of silver activated carbon wound dressings, negative pressure treatment, medical beauty maintenance and so on.  The antibacterial dressing products have won the National Innovation Award.


 (70 years old patients with 9 years of unhealed foot chronic wound successfully cured in 6 weeks)


In 2010, BCT researched and developed the first silver dressing - Kelun antimicrobial dressing KoCarbonAg ® in Asia. Compared to other dressings in clinical applications , the silver-containing activated carbon fiber wound dressings is specialized in effective adsorption of wound exudation, destruction of bacterial growth environment. Besides, it has four most significant characteristics as below:

 For the common wound bed infected strains, the antibacterial rate of the dressing is higher than 99%;

 It has unique capability which other silver ion dressing does not have, that is, special effects on removing the biofilm which influencing the wound healing of infectious wound, which greatly reduces the difficulty of cure. This is the special capability which other silver ion dressing can not achieve;

 It  has significant anti-bacterial deodorant function, with highly capability in killing pseudomonas aeruginosa, anaerobic bacteria and so on;

 It has unique infrared function, speeding up blood flow and accelerating granulation tissue growth.


In the laboratory and numerous clinical trials, BCT antibacterial dressing has been confirmed to have the wound recovery and healing capability which other silver ion dressing is lacking.  



 So far, BCT antibacterial dressing KoCarbonAg ® has also obtained the product patents in more than ten countries. It also achieved domestic III-grade registration of silver ion, FDA510 (K) and other licenses. Silver ion III grade registration certificate is just like "identity card" of silver ion products, which allowing the sale in market, confirming the safety of use and effectiveness. As the III grade silver ion registration is very difficult, rare domestic companies obtain it. Through the acquisition of BCT, Wu's corporate obtains all the global license of BCT. Therefore, the competiveness of Wu's corporate will definitely be greatly enhanced. Compared to silver ion products of other brands, the advantages will be more obvious. At the same time, after obtaining the III grade certificate of silver ions product, Wu's silver ion products will also meet the demand of domestic market. In the current domestic market of silver ion dressing  it is monopolized by foreign companies. Wu's silver ion dressing will exceed and replace the imported product with its excellent characteristics, breaking its monopoly and achieving milestone significance. On the other hand, Wu's corporate will also take this opportunity to fully optimize the product series and improve the domestic high-end dressings, promoting the Chinese brand to the international medical market steadily and witnessing domestic strength.



In addition, BCT has a variety of products such as negative pressure foam, scar gel, calcium alginate dressing for medical beauty series, daily protection series and so on. It has many products obtaining the certificate from the European Union (CE), the United States (FDA), Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, including China (CFDA) and many other international certification authorities. BCT has a complete system of R & D and production both in clinical wound care and personal care. The mature sales model brings BCT products throughout the Taiwan market, with long-term stable cooperation with Watson, Kangshimei, Youquan and many other drug stores.


In order to protect the specialty and uniqueness in R & D technology of each product from the material, the production process to the finished product.   BCT applied and obtained patent protection for the product in the world, establishing a huge patent system.

The cross-strait economical trade increases greatly recently, Wu's corporate abides by the development policy of "Industry,Academia,Research,Medicine", combining the medical enterprises of mainland and Taiwan's to achieve common business chain. Taking advantage of innovative execution and market operations of Chinese mainland enterprises, absorbing and combing the international business experience and advanced technology of high-tech enterprises in Taiwan, Wu's corporate will supplement the resource in the international market to play a more powerful role. It will also bring new opportunities for to transform and upgrade, achieving a major breakthrough in efficiency again.


The large-scale acquisition of BCT is the true consensus and cooperation between cross-strait enterprises in the field of health care. It also marks that Wu's corporate officially launched the international business strategy, becoming a cross-border enterprises, expanding the production line to Taiwan. The Wu’s products successfully begins global production plan. From now on, Wu's corporate will further meet the clinical demand for high-end dressings and provide better service and better medical products to benefit the global patients.