Special transparent dressing

NO.: 1104S

Producrt code: 1104S

Size: 6x7cm

Application: For fixing PICC (basic style)

Pcs/box: 100 pcs/box

Boxes/case: 40 boxes/case

Carton size: 40x37x39cm


  1. Open the sterile package, take out
      the dressing, peel off the release
      paper, and stick on the skin. Make
      sure skin is clean and dry.


  4. After spuncture successfully, using
      two tapes to fixing the
 fly or handle
      part of catheter.

  2. Peel off the release paper from 
      the toothed slitting part to expose 
      the 3 tapes.

  5. Stick the dressing on skin naturally,
      do not pull the
dressing. Press the
      dressing from the penetration point
to around. Then peel off the protective
      film from S
 incision and press the  

  3. Slit the part of release paper,
      expose the adhesive surface
      of the tapes.

  6. Smooth the dressing around the I.V. 
      cannula dressing. Write
down patient's
      name, date, bed No. on the recording
      tape, and
peel it off and stick on one side
      of the dressing to make it easy
to remove
      the dressing or fix the I.V. Cannula.