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Molnlycke launches four new dressings

A surgical products company is launching four new wound dressings, including one shaped to fit patient’s heels and one for the lower back area.


The Molnlycke Health Care products are part of the Mepilex range and will be available on Drug Tariff from May this year.

The new Border Ag is a foam dressing that absorbs fluids from a wound and keeps the area round it moist. The all-in-one dressing has five layers so it can deal with moderate to serious wounds, such as those left after surgery, leg or foot ulcers and pressure sores.

Mepilex Heel Ag is a soft and flexible dressing, has been specially shaped to fit the heel. It can cope with mild to medium wounds, such as leg and foot ulcers and partial thickness burns.

All the new dressings use the firm’s Safetac Technology - they stick to skin but not wound areas so they will not disturb the injury as they are removed, and the process will hurt the patient less.

The innovation also helps form a good seal around the wound to contain any liquids, and reduces the risk of skin maceration when it softens and breaks up due to being constantly wet.

Mepilex dressings use a compressed foam that contains silver to kill off any bugs present and the outside is covered with a shower-proof barrier that keeps out bacteria and viruses while allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping the wound as healthy as possible. They halt wound pathogens within half an hour of being applied and can be left in place for seven days.

The new range offers the Border Ag, surgical dressings, a dressing designed for the sacrum and the heel dressing. The Border Ag is available in four sizes ranging from 7cm by 7.5cm to 17cm by 20cm. The three surgical sizes range from 10cm by 20cm to 10cm by 30cm.

The Sacrum Ag comes in three sizes, from 18cm by 18cm to 23cm by 23cm. The Heel Ag comes in two sizes: 13cm by 20cm and 15cm by 22cm.